About The Site

Mission & Purpose

50 Top Coaches is an online network resource of the best executive coaches working today, developed by the experts who wrote the book on coaching.

Executive coaching is exploding as an industry – but understanding what is best practice and selecting the right coach has never been more difficult. This resource has been created to provide executives, human resource professionals and internal coaches with critical information about the executive coaching field so they can make the right decisions about their own coaching needs.

Every executive coach brings unique skills, experiences and methods to the coaching engagement. Through our on-line resource you can learn what is best practice from today's widely acknowledged experts. You can then contact that coach directly, learn more about his or her work through books, speeches and videoconferencing, or gain a referral to another coach with similar aptitude and approach.

At 50 Top Coaches we believe that the best coaches are engaged to optimize leadership and organizational performance. By defining best practice, we are helping to ensure that the coaching industry provides service that makes a positive impact on every organization's bottom line.