Albert A. Vicere
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Coaching for Leadership Development

Dr. Albert A. Vicere is Executive Education Professor of Strategic Leadership at Penn State's Smeal College of Business, and President of Vicere Associates Inc., a consulting firm whose clients span the globe. He is the author / editor of several books, including Leadership By Design and The Many Facets of Leadership, as well as more than 80 articles on leadership development and organizational effectiveness.

Coaching Approach

The best leaders understand that the essence of their jobs is to get results and at the same time to build commitment to the organization's culture and values. Today's leaders must carry out those responsibilities in an incredibly complex environment.

Al Vicere's coaching clients tend to be business and human resources development leaders from organizations looking to build leadership capabilities to meet competitive challenges. He works in partnership with those clients to design, develop, and sometimes deliver initiatives that help their organizations to get results, shape culture and develop leadership depth.

The number-one critical success factor in Al's work is having a team of clients that is visibly committed to leadership development as a driver of organizational performance. As coach, he facilitates discussion and build consensus that enables the team to: Clarify core objectives for development; select suitable methods and approaches; build and maintain partnership with resources to help in initiative delivery; and align leadership development processes with the organization's human resource management systems. All of this work is done with the organization's strategic imperatives front and center.