Dave Ulrich

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Coaching Leaders

Dave Ulrich is on leave as Professor of Business, University of Michigan, and currently serving as Mission President Canada, Montreal Mission, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He is the author of over 100 articles, books and book chapters, including Results Based Leadership: How Leaders Build the Business and Improve the Bottom Line (with Norm Smallwood and Jack Zenger) and Human Resource Champions: The Next Agenda for Adding Value and Delivering Results.

Coaching Approach

Dave Ulrich works with senior line and HR leaders who want to articulate a vision for the future and make it happen today.

Dave begins coaching by asking leaders to define their personal style and organization strategy. He then helps those leaders review the key stakeholders they have to serve (investors, customers, employees, and community) and determine specific goals for each. Next, Dave guides the leader in thinking about what decisions they can and should make to meet those stakeholder goals. With the decisions in placer, Dave works with the leader to prepare a time map to figure out how and where to allocate time to achieve stakeholder goals.

Dave tries to instill a spirit of learning into the coaching experience. Learning often comes from failure. Letting go of the past comes from learning how to respond in the future. Sometimes that means starting small; but leaders who try lots of small things build an infrastructure of success.