R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr.
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Coaching for Organizational Change

Dr. R. Roosevelt Thomas Jr., CEO of Roosevelt Thomas Consulting & Training, Inc. and President / Founder of the American Institute for Managing Diversity, has been at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative strategies for maximizing organizational and individual potential for over two decades. He is the author of four books, including Beyond Race and Gender: Unleashing the Total Power of Your Workforce by Managing Diversity.

Coaching Approach

Roosevelt Thomas thinks of diversity differently from most people. He defines it as the differences and similarities that can exist among the elements of a mixture. The greater the number of differences, the more diverse the mix. The greater the amount of similarities, the more homogenous the mix. Such differences and similarities can relate race, educational background, work experience, age, tenure, gender, geographic origin or sexual orientation, etc.

When Roosevelt is brought into an organization struggling with an organizational challenge related to diversity, he first work with the senior team to help them understand diversity in terms of differences and similarities. Roosevelt then guides the team through his practice of Strategic Diversity Management‰ which creates a process of making quality decisions in the midst of differences, similarities and tensions.

Once the executive team gets this shift in mind-set, their new perspective allows them to view the concept of diversity in terms of their overall mission, vision and strategy. As a coach, Roosevelt is there to help the senior leaders through that transition.