Ken Siegel

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Career/Life Coaching

Kenneth N. Siegel, PhD, ABPP, is President of the Impact Group, Inc., a Los Angeles-based group of psychologists who consult to management. Over the last 20 years, Dr. Siegel has provided management-consulting services to a broad array of multinational companies. He has lectured around the world. He is also the author of the book, So… You Call Yourself a Leader: 4 Steps to Becoming One Worth Following.

Coaching Approach

Typically, Siegel is called in to “coach” when high-flying executives have hit an abrupt interpersonal wall. The work he does is developmentally based. Generally, he engages a client over a two-to-five year time frame.

To be effective, Ken's approach must be developmentally integrated for the individual and done in a group context. He relies on the expertise and help offered by those surrounding the manager who have the true experience of interacting with him or her.

In his model, Siegel teaches managers to develop three behavioral constructs. First he guides managers in learning how to be irreverent. Second he tries to invoke in managers a sense of courage, to confront the dark corners where so much of their dysfunction resides. Third, he helps managers develop a sense of passion. Success is measured by whether the manager is producing the interpersonal results they intend, and whether the people around the manager have greater respect for the manager, and view him or her as more credible, responsible and trustworthy.