Stratford Sherman

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Career/Life Coaching

Stratford Sherman is a Senior Vice President of Executive Coaching Network, Inc. During the early 1990s he earned his global reputation with the publication of Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will, the first serious study of Jack Welch’s transformation of GE. He has lectured extensively, delivered seminars on six continents, taught at GE’s Crotonville School, and appeared as a commentator on many TV shows, including The News Hour and Charlie Rose.

Coaching Approach

Stratford Sherman’s coaching practice is dedicated to helping successful senior executives and high potentials expand their capabilities in the context of change. The skills of adaptation and responsiveness are critical success factors in a fast-moving, intensely challenging business environment. Developing adaptive skills, however, requires more sustained focus and effort than many active executives can muster by themselves.

Stratford Sherman’s approach is based on the Executive Coaching Network’s Strategic Executive Coaching Process. It synthesizes at least three categories of understanding: business dynamics; organizational change; and individual development.

The coaching process takes time: rarely less than 4 months, usually between 6 and 12 months. In addition to the usual 360-degree evaluation and personality tests, Stratford prefers to interview key stakeholders in the coachee’s career, presenting the feedback to the coachee. Next, a plan of action is developed based on the information gathered. The intended outcome must be important to both coachee and employer, and it must be definable and observable.