Judy Rosenblum

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Career/Life Coaching

Judy Rosenblum is an expert in developing organizational capability through organizational learning tied to corporate strategy. Judy is currently Chief Operating Officer of Duke Corporate Education. Prior to joining DukeCE, she was Chief Learning Officer of the Coca Cola Company and the Vice Chairman for Learning and Human Resources at Coopers and Lybrand.

Coaching Approach

The purpose of coaching is improvement in performance and assurance that the firm will have successive generations of competent people who live the values of the organization. In order for coaching to really be part of the strategic agenda of the business, it needs to be aligned to the company’s strategy and made relevant to both the coach and coachee. Judy Rosenblum’s work focuses on creating that alignment organization-wide.

Judy begins with a systemic analysis of why coaching is or is not working in an organization; otherwise, investments will fall into the same old cultural sinkholes. Next, she uses that analysis to design a coaching strategy for the company, based on the changes they are trying to implement.

It is critical that the organization be willing to examine, from a systemic perspective, the question of “What will it take to build a coaching environment in this company?” The primary focus of Judy's work at DukeCE’s is the design of innovative educational interventions that create better coaches and coachees in the work environment.