Gary Ranker

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Career/Life Coaching

Dr. Gary Ranker is a pioneer in the field of coaching. Since the late 1980’s, his specialty has been helping clients to analyze their corporate political environment and develop concrete strategies to achieve goals. Gary’s prior senior management experience includes serving as the CEO of major international companies for Hallmark Cards and Textron. Forbes magazine has listed him as one of the top five executive coaches.

Coaching Approach

Gary Ranker typically is brought into a business unit to work with a senior person who either has a behavioral issue or has taken on a new level of responsibility. Many successful leaders are comfortable with a consistent style of how they come across. They see no point in modulating that style to the needs of others. Gary's job is to help them see that by becoming aware of their own pluses and minuses, as well as how they are perceived by others, they can reach even higher levels of effectiveness.

Through his observations, Gary comes to an understanding of the complex connections that such a person has with him or herself: what they can offer in the context of the organization, what they are being asked to do, what they are comfortable doing, and how they can contribute more efficiently to meeting the needs of others.

Gary chooses not to do shorter interventions, finding that quick fixes don’t have the kind of impact that he likes to deliver. He is after profound, lasting change, preferably by a critical mass of change agents within an organization.