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Strategy Coaching

Dr. C.K. Prahalad is Harvey C. Fruehauf Professor of Corporate Strategy and International Business at the University of Michigan Business School. C.K. is a globally known figure and has consulted with the top management of many of the world's foremost companies. His research specializes in corporate strategy and the role and value-added of top management in large, diversified, multinational corporations. He is the coauthor of more than ten articles in the Harvard Business Review, three of which won the McKinsey Prize, and coauthor of Competing for the Future.

Coaching Approach

As a strategy coach, C.K. first helps a CEO develop or refine a point of view about how the organization will compete in the future. This point of view is developed not so that it can be imposed on the organization but so that the CEO will be able to listen in a discerning fashion and calibrate what he or she is hearing.

This process involves hard-core analysis, number crunching and critical thought, and leads to a diagnostic of the potential of the organization's portfolio as distinct from the current performance. C.K. works with the CEO to understand the orthodoxies in the company and the industry, and lay that information over the emerging competitive landscape to see what to preserve and what to change.

Over the next six to twelve months, C.K. then works with the CEO to develop a coalition of the able and willing, ad determines tactics for deploying the strategy organizationally, and creating the vitality that occurs when people are empowered and autonomous within the broad framework of where the company is going.