Gifford Pinchot
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Coaching for Organizational Change

Gifford Pinchot leads Pinchot & Company, a firm that helps companies to reduce bureaucratic obstacles, and to design and implement more effective and sustainable business practices. He is also Chairman of the Bainbridge Island Graduate Institute, one of the first business schools to focus on sustainable business practices. His best-selling book, Intrapreneuring: Why You Don't Have to Leave the Corporation to Become an Entrepreneur, defined the ground rules for an emerging field of enterprise: the courageous pursuit of new ideas in established organizations.

Coaching Approach

Gifford Pinchot coaches innovation leaders in a whole system way. The issues in a single assignment may range from personality issues, through dealing effectively with the organizational immune system, to dealing with a tough competitor. At any moment, business strategy and personal leadership style, the individual and the team, psychological issues and organizational ones, may all be intertwined.

In his extensive experience, Gifford encounters five types of innovation leaders in organizations. These include: inventors who seek to get their ideas implemented; intrapreneurial leaders who take on the entrepreneurial role of making ideas happen; intrapreneurial teams which must be fully functional to be effective; sponsors of innovation or higher-level managers who protect and guide the intrapreneurial teams; and climate makers or leaders who work to create a general environment that brings out cost-effective innovation.

People struggling with innovation are facing whole system challenges. As a coach, Gifford brings a rare mix of business and psychological acumen to the task.