Barbara Moses

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Career / Life Coaching

Dr. Barbara Moses is the best-selling author of What Next? The Complete Guide to Taking Control of Your Work Life. Her Career Planning Workbook is a corporate best-seller and has been used by over a million people. She is a professional speaker on contemporary work issues, a frequent media commentator, and President of BBM Human Resources Consultants, Inc.

Coaching Approach

Barbara Moses helps organizations respond to the career issues of employees. She coaches people at all organizational levels by providing tools, information and capabilities. In addition to working with individuals on their career planning directly, she also coaches human resource practitioners and line managers in how to coach others.

Human resource practitioners and line managers should not play clinician / counselor. Few are equipped or inclined; and fewer still have the time. That's where Barbara's tools come in. The data that gets extracted from employees through rigorous assessments helps the manager or HR practitioner build career activism in staff.

There are huge tensions today in the contemporary workplace. Everyone is grappling with balance; everyone needs to take responsibility for their own employability. When people find themselves in situations where they feel valued, and in which their own work speaks to their strengths and personal authenticity, performance levels are higher.