Howard Morgan
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Leadership / Behavioral Coaching

Howard Morgan has been a pioneer in the practical understanding of how motivation, productivity and behavior are linked to organizational values, leadership approach and employee satisfaction. He has led major organizational change initiatives in partnership with top leaders and executives; steered the development of internal coaching models; coached executives on the art of managing managers; and worked with executive committees to improve corporate and executive performance. Howard is the co-editor of the best-selling book, The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching, and a managing director of Leadership Research Institute.

Coaching approach

Howard Morgan works with senior leaders and executive teams to maximize their effectiveness at both an individual and team level. The majority of his practice involves building the depth of executive talent in organizations and ensuring that practices are in place to retain the top talent.

Howard is often brought on-board to work with top talent whose financial and technical performance is strong and noteworthy, but whose behavior is having an impact on others which cannot be ignored. Such leaders generally have technical skills that the organization values and does not want to lose; or are seen as strong candidates for future leadership roles needing direction to attain success at the next level.

For top talent, coaching is about optimizing performance, not about maintaining the status quo. As coach, Howard helps the executive navigate the "white-water" of the current business climate while enabling them to use their key skills more effectively. Leadership development is important but there are times when the last thing an executive needs is more feedback – some days they just need solutions. Speed is everything. Impact is the objective.