Jim Moore

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Career/Life Coaching

Jim Moore is currently an independent consultant working with the Alliance For Strategic Leadership Coaching & Consulting, where he helps clients build leadership development strategies and programs. He has led executive and leadership development organizations at three major corporations, and spent the first 20 years of his career on the doing side of the business as a line executive in the former Bell System.

Coaching Approach

Jim Moore’s coaching/consulting practice is centered on helping clients create leadership development strategies, systems, and programs that support the achievement of business goals. His client is usually the head of Human Resources or the head of Executive/Leadership Development at a large corporation.

Jim has developed some basic guidelines for the coaching process through his years of experience. First of all, the coaching strategy should be grounded in an analysis of the business and its needs. Secondly, clearly identify the purpose of leadership development before designing a solution. Finally, it’s not enough to develop an elegant leadership development product, you have to work to build a supportive environment for it within the organization to insure its execution. Some of the ways in which Jim does this are: involving line managers in developing the product; testing for simplicity, practicality, and focus; engaging the CEO in the process; branding; and developing a common language around leadership to reinforce the focus on specific leadership themes.

Jim believes that it is important to involve the client in all aspects of the project and instill a feeling within the company that it is his or her work, not the work of the coach/consultant that made it successful.