Bobbie Little

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Career/Life Coaching

Bobbie Little specializes in coaching senior executives and CEOs. She has held senior management positions in the United Kingdom and Australia and is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a certified Leadership and Master Coach.

Coaching Approach

Bobbie Little is a master business coach for senior executives in a wide variety of industries. She works with highly talented men and women who want to optimize their performance and stay at the leading edge of their business.

Bobbie's international experience gives her an instant connection with many different nationalities and some of the cultural issues they face. She has extensive coaching and assessment experience from both private practice and from working with senior executives during a number of international mergers.

Bobbie relies on the most appropriate form of information gathering, including 360-degree surveys, standardized interviews, performance reviews, and other assessment tools, and uses what is most relevant to the coaching engagement. After analyzing the data, she creates written action plans that align the individual to the organization’s imperatives.

While it is easy to write action plans, Bobbie also holds her clients accountable for results. It is very powerful to document their progress and give them feedback. She increases not only their leadership effectiveness, but also their confidence to deal with whatever comes next.