Richard J. Leider

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Career / Life Coaching

Richard Leider is a nationally recognized expert on career development, life planning and helping people live "on purpose." He is also a speaker, author and "coach to coaches." Richard is the founder and partner of The Inventure Group, a training firm in Minneapolis. He is the author of the international best-sellers, Repacking Your Bags, Whistle While You Work and The Power of Purpose.

Coaching approach

Why do successful people hire career / life coaches? They know that if they want to get extraordinary results, they must take the risks to grow. A good coach can help them do that by giving them objective assessments of where they stand, a clear perspective on the best way forward, and the tools and discipline to get there.

Richard Leider has developed two different coaching methodologies: "Inventuring" and "Repacking Your Bags." Both are based on the belief that people are born with a purpose, and are not fully engaged and authentic until they begin to operate that that purpose.

Inventuring begins with the creation of a leader map. This is an intensive process which provides an inside-out look at the core of who the person is as a leader, which will eventually reveal how that person will act. The leader map is used to help people develop daily practices that focus on strengths over weaknesses.

Repacking Your Bags is a similar process designed for executives who are in transition. The repacking process helps clarify purpose and direction for the next step in their lives.