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Career Development Coaching

Beverly Kaye is a nationally recognized expert in management and career development, as well as a world authority on career systems. Love 'Em or Lose 'Em, co-authored with Sharon Jordan-Evans, is the best-selling book ever written on retention. Beverly's work focuses on helping managers develop their people and helping employees take responsibility for their own careers. Beverly is the founder and president of Career Systems International.

Coaching approach

Research into the retention of star employees shows that people don't leave organizations for money; they leave because no one is concerned about their learning and growth. Coaching is an excellent means to demonstrate that kind of concern, and a highly effective tool for the organization to meet pressing business challenges.

Beverly Kaye and her firm coaches managers on how to develop their people; and coach individuals on how to take charge of their own careers within the framework of their organizations. These two forms of coaching are highly valued by organizations that are becoming more thoughtful, systemic and innovative with their talent development and retention strategies.

There's a tremendous amount of buried treasure in organizations. Beverly believes that managers and organizations should look wider and deeper in identifying their key employees. The definition of a star, in Beverly's view, is anyone the manager would miss if she should happen to leave the organization. In the same vein, a good career is one that engages your passion in an organization that supports your learning and growth.