Paul Hersey
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Coaching for Leadership Development

Dr. Paul Hersey is a pioneer in the field of leadership development whose work has made a difference to millions of people over the past 40 years. He is the founder and CEO of the Center for Leadership Studies, and the author of the popular book, The Situational Leader.

Coaching Approach

Twenty years ago, coaching would have made it to the top of any manager's list of most critical tasks and responsibilities. Today, few managers include it among their priorities. As managers became more transitory in their careers and organizations, the sense of obligation they feel for investing in people's long-term development has fallen away. Paul Hersey's work in the leadership development field is dedicated to rebuilding coaching capacity in the line by putting that obligation back onto the manager's plate.

Paul trains trainers to go back into their organizations and work with managers from executive to supervisory levels. The manager who is a leader engages constantly with individuals and groups to diagnose their readiness to perform, and provide them with the direction, guidance, or supportive behavior to act effectively. People are coached to help maximize their potential. If the coaching is successful, they eventually become self-directed rather than leader-directed.

Organizations rise and fall based on how effectively they use their human resources. The individual manager is in the most powerful position to make the most of that potential.