Phil Harkins

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Leadership and Organizational Change Coaching

Phil Harkins is one of America's leading executive coaches and organizational development experts. He is the president and CEO of Linkage, Inc., the leadership and organizational development consulting firm. Along with Warren Bennis, he serves as co-chair of the Global Institute for Leadership Development. Phil is the author of the Wall Street Journal business bestseller, Everybody Wins: The Story and Lessons Behind RE/MAX and Powerful Conversations: How High Impact Leaders Communicate.

Coaching approach

It's not easy shifting an organization to a new direction. No single leader, no matter how visionary, driven, or persuasive, can mandate such change to occur. To secure the commitment and drive of others, the leader's relationship with the senior team must be high-functioning, agendas must be aligned with a common mission, and passionate champions must be enlisted in the cause.

As an organizational change coach, Phil Harkins works behind the scenes with the leadership team to help them devise and achieve their strategic objectives. His role is not to formulate the strategy but to provide help in facilitating the discussions and seeing that the agreed-upon approach is then implemented throughout the organization.

No matter what level the change initiative is being driven from, there is often a wide gap between the strategy that exists on paper and the organization's capacity to get it up and running. As an outsider, Phil is able to provide a blueprint for that journey by defining current realities, laying out the desired future, identifying critical barriers and building attack plans for achieving the objectives. Phil is also there to create momentum by connecting with passionate champions at key leverage points throughout the organization, while keeping those leaders focused on the end goal.