Michael Hammer
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Strategy Coaching

Dr. Michael Hammer is the author of four books, including the international best-seller Reengineering the Corporation, one of the most important business books of the 1990s. His articles have appeared in periodicals from Harvard Business Review to the Economist, and his work has been featured in every major business publication. An engineer by training, Dr. Hammer focuses on the operational nuts and bolts of business. His work is relentlessly pragmatic and immediately relevant.
Coaching Approach

As a coach, Michael Hammer helps leaders think about their business operations and business processes in a different way. He does this through a focus on operational innovation and process management.

Most executives don't consider operations as a source for innovation. They pay little attention to how customer service is delivered, orders are fulfilled, or products developed. Similarly, executives are accustomed to thinking in business silos or in terms of organizational hierarchy, rather than looking at how order fulfillment cuts across operational lines.

Michael works collaboratively with managers inside the organization who have this point of view. He guides them in making a multipronged effort to establish the operational and process innovation perspective in the minds of the leadership. Michael's job is to articulate and communicate the ideas in ways that senior executives can absorb. In this way, the organization can learn to extract value from its operational and process strategy.