Fariborz Ghadar

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Strategy Coaching

Fariborz Ghadar is the William A. Schreyer Chair of Global Management, Politics and Planning, and Director, Center for Global Business Studies at the Pennsylvania State University Smeal College of Business Administration. He specializes in global strategy and implementation, international finance and banking, and global economic assessment. Fariborz is the author of 11 books and numerous articles, including the Harvard Business Review article, "The Dubious Logic of Megamergers."

Coaching Approach

Some organizations can have a mediocre strategy, implement it well and be successful. Others can have a wonderful strategy, implement it poorly, and waste everyone's time. As a coach, Fariborz Ghadar works with senior leaders to identify a strategy that makes sense for their organization. Then he helps optimize the capability of the management team to implement it.

Strategy implementation is complicated by the fact that organizations are experiencing a paradigm shift from long product life cycles to short product life cycles. In most industries, new products can be imitated within months. Accordingly, the organization needs to innovate, manage the brand, listen to the customer, compete on price and become superefficient at the same time. Since no one leader can manage this individually, the capabilities of the leadership team have never been more critical.

As coach, Fariborz engages the management group as a team. He helps them make sense of their strategy issues, encourages buy-in from diverse perspectives and guides them in figuring out the best implementation path. This level of clarity and alignment can create a tremendous sense of energy.