Joel Garfinkle

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Career/Life Coaching

Joel Garfinkle is the founder of Dream Job Coaching, the top online resource for creative fulfillment at work. He works with individual clients and facilitates executive and group coaching. He is the author of Land Your Dream Job; Love Your Work; Job Searching Made Easy; and How to Master the Job Search Process in as Little as 14 Days.

Coaching Approach

Everyone is gifted with talents to reveal to the world. Joel Garfinkle helps people reach the clarity they need to find their dream job, work that fully utilizes their passions, taps into their innate gifts, and develops their full potential.

Joel Garfinkle’s process focuses on three areas: (1) recognizing your true passions, (2) developing an understanding of your innate gifts and talents, and (3) removing the barriers that prevent you from knowing and acting on the first two discoveries.

As a dream job coach, Joel Garfinkle develops a holistic, encompassing understanding of each client. Instead of standardized testing, he asks tailored questions that are directly related to each individual client. His coaching services typically include 3 scheduled 40-minute telephone sessions per month, with unlimited e-mail correspondence Monday through Friday. Ongoing and consistent contact provides his clients with the support they need, and they also have access to extensive tools and resources.