Robert M. Fulmer

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Coaching for Leadership Development

Dr. Robert M. Fulmer is Distinguished Visiting Professor at Pepperdine University and also serves as Academic Director of Duke Corporate Education. He served as Director of Worldwide Management Development at Allied-Signal, headed two HRD consulting firms, and co-authored Leadership By Design and Growing Your Company's Leaders.

Coaching Approach

When Bob Fulmer coaches individual executives or leadership teams, he typically works with them in tackling some type of business challenge as part of a leadership development initiative. In other words, he tries to combine learning content with a business challenge assignment and supplement that with team and personal coaching to improve effectiveness. Participants are learning for action as opposed to learning for knowledge alone; they are having a Just-In-Time developmental experience rather than a Just-In-Case one.

Drawing on the three major methodologies of action learning, gap analysis and systems dynamics, Bob works with the coaching client to develop a structured intervention. He finds that designing the intervention with the client not only creates buy-in, but it also helps the coach to understand the perspective of the organization and the needs of the individuals.

If an organization is to invest in coaching it is essential that the individual's development and growth take place in the context of meeting the organization's needs. A successful coaching engagement is one in which the individual shows actual progress, the team becomes more effective, and the organization becomes more successful.