David Dotlich

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Coaching for Organizational Change

Dr. David Dotlich, CEO and Managing Partner of CDR International, a Mercer Delta Company, consults to executive committees, CEOs, and senior leaders in the areas of leadership, business strategy, and executive coaching. Prior to founding CDR International, David was Executive Vice President of Groupe Bull, and Corporate Vice President of Human Resources for Honeywell International. Prior to that he was a professor at the University of Minnesota. Among his many books, David is the co-author with Peter Cairo of Why CEOs Fail: The 11 Behaviors that Can Derail Your Climb to the Top├ŽAnd How To Manage Them.

Coaching Approach

David Dotlich frequently coaches line executives and heads of Human Resources to help them elicit, form, or create their own theory for making change occur in their work, their organizations, or their lives. He does this by helping them to link business strategy with learning initiatives.

Before he begins, David ascertains whether his clients know what they want to accomplish and where they want to go. From there, he works with them to develop a theory for how that change will take place, and to determine the critical action steps needed to travel that path. Much of this involves surfacing the client's implicit and explicit understanding of the challenges that will get in the way. These can include forces of resistance, systemic or technical issues, internal politics, the dynamics of power, and the organization's own embedded values.

After identifying these blockers, David analyzes the systemic elements of the change process and helps to put a change plan in place. He then works with the individual leader at four levels: self-awareness, performance improvement, personal breakthroughs and personal transformation.