Bill Davidson

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Career/Life Coaching

William H. Davidson founded MESA Research, a management consulting firm acquired by Deloitte & touche in 1996. MESA’s clients have included over half of the Fortune 100. He serves on the board of Uti Worldwide (UTIW), a fast-growing global logistics services provider, and on several private company boards. He is an active researcher and writer, and his book 2020 Vision was selected as the Best Business Book of the year by Fortune in 1992. His latest book, Breakthrough, was published in the Fall of 2003.

Coaching Approach

Bill Davidson’s group specializes in formulating and implementing enterprise strategies. Enterprise strategies are integrated master plans that require focused and coordinated implementation across an entire organization over an extended period of time.

Typically, they work with a select set of senior executives to develop the enterprise imperative—the critical need for the organization to pull together behind a common strategy. These executives are required to come to the strategy council wearing an enterprise hat: that is, with the best interest of the entire organization in the forefront of their minds.

Much of Bill Davidson’s coaching effort occurs on the field of play. That is, he uses the development and execution of the new strategy to reorient and fuse senior executives into a cohesive enterprise leadership team. His framework, summarized as AIM, READY, and FIRE, both shapes and supports those strategic change efforts.