Niko Canner

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Career/Life Coaching

Niko Canner is a founder and Managing Partner of Katzenbach Partners LLC, a consulting firm with offices in New York and Houston. He is also a founder-member of the McKinsey Change Center and cofounder of the Organization Practice at the Mitchell Madison Group. He has published numerous articles, and is working with Jon Katzenbach on a book regarding how leaders motivate performance by building pride.

Coaching Approach

Strategy is the set of ideas that shape the way organizations make choices and take action. Great strategies answer the question “Why?” in the same moment as the question “What?”

A strategic advisor can no longer be someone who primarily leads projects to assess market positioning or corporate portfolios. The tasks of an advisor have evolved to include everything from helping a leader understand the role that strategy must play at a given point in his or her organization’s evolution, to developing a process by which the core ideas of a strategy can be shared, understood, and applied across an organization.

Niko Canner’s experience working as an advisor in this capacity suggests that neither the traditional strategy firm nor the solo practitioner model of coaching provides a good institutional context for this role. He and his partners have been experimenting with an institutional form that is more successful in advising clients who are engaged with questions of strategy in this newer and broader conception, where strategy, organization and people cannot be separated, but must be encouraged to evolve together.