William Bridges

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Career / Life Coaching

Dr. William Bridges is an internationally known author, consultant and speaker who helps organizations and individuals deal more productively with change. He is the world's authority on managing transitions. The most recent of his nine books is Creating You & Co. a handbook for creating and managing a twenty-first century career. Bill is one of the most widely read and quoted experts on what is happening to jobs in today's organizations and on the new strategies that individuals must use to find work.

Coaching Approach

During mergers, reorganizations, downsizes, or shifts in strategy or leadership, it almost always becomes clear that leaders at multiple levels of the organization need help to be successful in their new circumstances. Bill Bridges' work as a coach provides executives with the guidance they need in letting go of the old ways of doing things, while offering a psychological reorientation to focus on the new way.

Transitions coaching focuses on seeing a leader through their own transition and providing them with the capability to help others do the same. There are three phases of the journey. In phase I, the leader learns how to relinquish the old ways of doing business. In phase II, the leader enters the neutral zone – the period of transition in which the old reality is gone but the new reality isn't functional yet. Although not recognized in the traditional language of change, neutral zone is the area where real transformations take place. Finally, in phase III, the leader launches a new beginning with a new identify and a new reality.

The failure of leaders to know how to handle transitions is a constant but often hidden factor in the underperformance of organizations, just as it is an underlying source of derailment in careers.