Jim Bolt

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Career/Life Coaching

Jim Bolt is CEO and founder of Executive Development Associates (EDA), a leading consulting firm specializing in the strategic use of executive development strategies, systems, and programs that ensure clients have the top talent needed to achieve their strategic objectives. EDA’s clients have included 50 of the Fortune 100 companies and many other leading organizations around the world. He is author of the book Executive Development: A Strategy for Corporate Competitiveness.

Coaching Approach

Jim Bolt coaches CEOs and their senior management teams on how to build great systems and programs for developing the leaders and leadership capabilities they need to successfully execute their business strategy. In the coaching process, he works to understand the global forces and trends that impact the organization, their critical marketplace challenges, and their company’s vision, values and strategies. Once these are identified, he and his clients work to pinpoint their business priorities, with the end result being clarity about the organizational and leadership capabilities needed.

The needs of the organization then have to be compared with the capabilites that currently exist so that where the gaps exist can be crystal clear. These gaps provide the agenda for the custom-designed leadership development strategy and programs created by the coach and client.

For the process to work, the client has to do three things: (1) let the coach be the expert, (2) suspend judgment, and (3) let go of having all the answers.