Christopher A. Bartlett

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Strategy Coaching

Christopher A. Bartlett is the Thomas D. Casserly Jr., Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration. Among his books, Managing Across Borders: The Transnational Solution was named by the Financial Times as one of the "50 most influential business books of the century." In addition to his academic responsibilities, Chris maintains ongoing coaching, consulting and board relationships with several large corporations.

Coaching Approach

Most company leaders are smart, knowledgeable people stretched by sometimes overwhelming demands, and operating in organizations that are incredibly complex. In his coaching, Christopher Bartlett provides an outside eye, removed from that complexity, in order to help reveal deeper questions or more embedded problems that may otherwise remain unrecognized or ever taboo.

To that end, Chris builds long-term trusting relationships not just with the top leader but also with the senior-level executive team. He finds that by gaining access to the diverse views and perspectives of the senior management, he can better serve the CEO through a richer understanding of the strategic and organizational opportunities and constraints. In the process, Chris also helps to build the top team's capability ad alignment with the leader's objectives and priorities.

As an outsider, Chris's role is to gain sufficient confidence and respect that he can question, challenge and coach the CEO and senior team while helping them see how they can become more effective individually and together.