Marian Baker

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Career/Life Coaching

Marian Baker is a certified professional coach whose clients experience breakthroughs in creating true fulfillment in life, livelihood, and leadership. Called “The Queen of Powerful Questions” by a leader of Coaches Training Institute, she is coauthor of the Awakening Corporate Soul; High Performance, High Fulfillment workbook and author of, Wake Up Inspired: Create the Joyful Life You Are Meant to Live.

Coaching approach

Most clients come to a coach with some variation of the question “Is this all there is?” out of (1) a craving to make a change or (2) a calling to make a difference. Coaching helps each client discover or fuel his or her enthusiastic mission. This mission may be a business, project, renewed vision, a career, or life adventure.

As a coach, Marian Baker serves as confidential sounding board, life-watcher/colearner, brainstorm partner, and devoted champion. Her approach focuses on future possibilities and on unlocking potential, not on past mistakes or correcting problems. She encourages clients to take a holistic approach – to access the compass of one’s heart, fuel physical energy, and give birth to bold plans of the mind.

Effective coaching should be a catalyst for clients to arrive at insights, solutions, new ideas, and behaviors that they would not have achieved on their own. Zero to 10 scales are used to assess progress. Marian's coaching supports the client reaching his desired higher scores and authentic self-confidence.