Julie Anixter

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Career/Life Coaching

Julie Anixter is Strategic Director of Lipson Alport & Glass (LAGA), a brand marketing and design consultancy, where she works with clients on brand strategy, new product and service development, and design innovation. She is also the Director of the alliance between LAGA and tompeterscompany! Consultant, coach, designer, speaker, and trend-spotter, Anixter specializes in developing successful business solutions at the intersection of client brands, business issues, and organizational needs.

Coaching Approach

Most of the strategy coaching Julie Anixter does is in the domain of communications, brand, and innovation, and how those three disciplines can help an organization create competitive advantage and energy. From the start, she is not just coaching: she is collaborating with her clients. She always tries to start exactly where the client is.

Like a heat-seeking missile, Anixter continuously looks for peoples’ passion, and for what’s missing. She observes the leader and the environment around the leader, and then feeds back what she sees, making interpretations with the person she’s coaching that are designed to help elicit what they care about most.

Success has many meanings, and Julie Anixter finds that it is crucial to articulate the criteria for successful results in the client’s language.