Shirley Anderson

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Career/Life Coaching

Shirley Anderson is a master coach and confidante to many influential people. Her training in social sciences has equipped her for working with today’s top creative and business minds. She has been a leader in the field for 13 years, with coach training from Coach U., and a masters degree from Nova University.

Coaching Approach

Shirley Anderson typically works with high-level executives, business owners, and authors whose expertise falls in the financial industry, management training, or professional services. They are generally hugely successful people who have suddenly become stuck or found themselves struggling with something they’ve never struggled with before. In her coaching process, Anderson acts as another set of eyes, with a knack for seeing what is overlooked or missing in the leader’s approach.

Shirley Anderson prefers to work by phone, talking with people 3 times a month for 45 minutes to an hour each time. She is also available whenever someone wants to bounce an idea off her, or toss a simple question her way. She ends up working with people for many years.

In the most mature coaching relationship, Shirley finds that coach and client are cocreative. Coaching flows from a continuous, creative conversation. Clients move effortlessly among ideas congruent to their projects. There’s an energy that occurs in the relationship, something electric that happens.