John Alexander

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Career/Life Coaching

John Alexander is President and CEO of the Center for Creative Leadership, an international, nonprofit educational institution devoted to research and teaching in leadership and leadership development. As a participant in the Center’s coaching network, John gives feedback in the Center’s flagship Leadership Development Program and periodically serves as a coach to senior executives.

Coaching Approach

John Alexander and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) specialize in coaching that concentrates on leadership and personal development. It is feedback-intensive, behaviorally focused, and results oriented. It can stand alone or be integrated into a larger developmental initiative, either as a one-to-one experience or in group or team settings. CCL devotes most of its attention to two aspects of coaching—the overall process and the actual content and conduct of the coaching sessions.

The Center for Creative Leadership has developed a core framework of coaching that provides a helpful structure while allowing the infinite diversity of coaching experiences to unfold. The framework consists of three elements: the relationship between coach and coachee, a leader development model, and a results orientation.

Lasting behavioral change, though important, is not the only positive result. Surveys and interviews do not often capture the sometimes profound insights that coachees gain about their long-term career goals, personal development goals, and individual learning styles.