Nancy J. Adler

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Coaching for Leadership Development

Dr. Nancy J. Adler is a foremost authority on cross-cultural management and women's global leadership. She is a Professor of International Management at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. She has authored over 100 articles and published the books, International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior, and Women in Management Worldwide. Nancy is also a visual artist working primarily with watercolor and Japanese and Chinese ink techniques, and teaches seminars on "The Art of Leadership."

Coaching Approach

How do leaders shift their thinking into the realm of possibility? In our common desire to create a better future, how do we change the focus of our leadership, as Frances Hesselbein has said, from success to significance?

For a quarter century, Nancy Adler has conducted research, consulted and coached on global leadership and cross-cultural management. In the process, she has come to understand that the movement from successful to significant leadership cannot happen inside our current leadership vocabulary. The twentieth century's words, concepts and approaches just don't stretch far enough for us to be able to see today's reality, think possibility, and communicate powerfully.

Nancy coaches executives to see the possibility of their contribution and efficacy coming simultaneously from their competence (what they are really good at), their passion (what they love doing), and the world's greatest needs (their potentially most significant contributions). She believes that people within organizations and communities no longer want the narrow circumscribed leadership of the twentieth century, with its limited outcomes. They are hungry to be inspired, individually and collectively, for the benefit of all.